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It is never too late to learn a musical instrument. Let the colors of sound be an extension of your personality and bring vibrance to your life. Be it for leisure or foundational learning, we have a variety of music courses designed with you in mind. These courses can be conducted individually for a more in depth learning or act as an opportunity for you and your friends to come together through our group lessons.

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How does one choose a good violin
or string instrument ?


Online shops offer plenty of options ranging from a cheap mass produced instrument which costs $50 to a $80,000 Italian-made treasure. But what does a beginner really need? Here at Salient Strings, we believe that the key to having a strong foundation begins with your instrument. Here are 3 pointers to look out for:



Without the right instrument, the discomfort and pain which easily distracts one from producing a good tone deters many people from pursuing music. A musical instrument should feel like an extension of your own body and the dynamical response between you and the instrument plays a vital role in determining its' playability.

Our instruments in the gallery are thoughtfully set-up for learners of every level to ensure a smooth learning experience.



Did you know? Many of the cheaper quality instruments are labelled as Violin Shaped Objects (VSOs) because they are made up of scrapped pieces of wood with a less ideal form of workmanship. Many amateurs tend to gamble with cheaply-mass produced instruments in hopes that they would find a gem amidst the crate of empty sounding boxes.

The instruments in Salient Strings are professionally set up by our resident luthier to create a sound experience unique to you.



Depending on the amount of investment, an instrument can potentially last for a lifetime. Salient String carries a range of instruments from the price of $500 to $60,000 - Surely, there will be an instrument within your budget which caters to your learning abilities.

For the passionate learners with financial constraints, the VL80/ VC90 is able to bring you to the intermediate levels of learning. At an affordable price of under $700, the optimised comfort this instrument provides encourages a smooth projection of tone.

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Do you have a passion for teaching music? Our team of teachers in Salient Strings are not only musically qualified in performance but have a wealth of experience in conducting classes that are both dynamical and engaging.

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